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Trance is currently on indefinite hiatus and will not be updating.
We have enjoyed every moment of telling as much of the story as we have, but Dango has pursued an amazing opportunity and begun school in Japan. Please see the artist comment for more.

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I know the above news isn't what you guys wanted to hear, but what you have all likely been expecting. Anyone who doesn't follow me on Twitter or Tumblr probably never saw the series of announcements I made about the status of Trance. And I feel like shit that I never posted the actual information here. I felt like, if I held off on making it official, maybe something would change, I would change my mind, find a new solution.

But unfortunately there's no way around this right now. I can't carry this on without the other half of the team, and the bulk of the work has been on my shoulders for a very long time, including the hosting bills. It isn't my right to continue, as dear and precious as this story was to me. I put so much effort and time into this, and suffered a lot of grief over what to do. But in the end, the reality of it is that even if half of the characters, whole sections of lore and worldbuilding did originate from me, it's not enough. I can't continue without Dango.

I wish my co-writer and friend all the best with their education in Japan. I hope everything is well for them.

It's hard to let go, but it is what it is and I'm moving back to my own projects, things I have full control over. So, if you do want to still keep track of me using the social media links at the top, or support my progress and receive cool art, sneak peeks at other projects and even fanart on Patreon, I would love to hear from you. Stay in touch, and don't be shy. :)

Keep bookmarked because this archive isn't going to go away! However, my new/old project is going to also be hosted here. You'll know it when you see it!

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